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Tenant fit-out work:
in the best hands from the very beginning.

In no other discipline are the differences between a construction drawing on paper and the real-life situation on the building site as marked as they are with building redevelopment. After all, every building is different and has its own individual history.

Thanks to his many years of experience, Lucian Thum can evaluate the constructional situation on site quickly and accurately. The early involvement of our specialists provides our customers with valuable input and enables cost-saving solutions to be found from the very beginning. For this reason, high-ranking real estate companies put their trust in our general contractor service:

Planning with foresight, saving in the long term: Design & Build.

Through the coordinated combination of the planning and construction of buildings – also known as the Design & Build model – the step from the drawing board to the manual building work becomes even easier and more practically oriented. It protects against unwanted surprises and provides for greater efficiency.

Our tip: Take us on board at an early stage. Especially at the beginning of the planning phase, you can, with the help of our practical experience on the building sites, achieve the highest cost savings.

Just call us, we will be pleased to advise you.

Full perspective, clear messages.

At Lucian Thum, everyone involved has learned their craft from scratch. Our management is absolutely behind our employees on the building site, keeping very close to the operational business and always keeping an eye on your project. In this way, you benefit from fast and reliable decisions.

As an owner-run family company, open, honest and correct dealing with our customers is the cardinal rule. We talk directly about any problems and do not shy away from the truth when necessary. In this way, we ensure that all the building measures go to plan and meet our stringent demands with regard to punctuality, quality assurance and efficiency.

A direct contact partner for you.

In all phases of the expansion project you can count on your direct contact partner: the project manager of Lucian Thum. All our staff in this position are permanently employed and trained in the trade to the highest level, for example as master craftsman, constructional engineer or architect.

From the very first moment when the tender is submitted to the final approval/certification, the project manager keeps in contact with you and informs you about the progress of the work. As a general contractor, Lucian Thum is responsible for and coordinates all the trades involved in the project and provides you with all the services as a turnkey, care-free package at a fixed price.

Schlank mit Methode:
Lean Construction Management.

Precisely when you are at the beginning of a building project, significant cost reductions can be achieved with a methodical approach. That is the central idea of "Lean Construction Management": avoiding wastage at all levels. To do this, we structure the individual building processes in detail and scrutinise and optimise the procedures. We shorten the pathways, plan material flows exactly to the day and avoid any downtimes.

With IT-supported lean construction management, you can save not only time but also material and personnel costs. Our proven control tools make costs more transparent and easier to manage.

We would be pleased to advise you on how we can make use of this tool for your benefit.

Stress-free for real estate processionals: maintenance with Lucian Thum.

As a reliable partner for asset, property and facility managers, Lucian Thum also takes care of the operation, maintenance and rise in value of your real estate portfolio. Whether it is a case of water damage, renovation work or the revamping of a complete underground garage, Lucian Thum always finds the right solution and is very quickly on site for you.

We work quickly, flexibly and efficiently. We guarantee reliable work, commercial care and clearly calculated fixed prices. Also, if desired, with the general contractor service.

Our service as a general contractor.

In interior finishing and tenant fit-out work, Lucian Thum offers a modular service portfolio that is precisely coordinated to your project – anything from a small assignment and single trade projects right the way through to the comprehensive general contractor service.

Plan with professionals.

Do you already have plans for your building extension project? Talk to us at an early stage and make sure you use all possibilities for an extension with maximum efficiency.

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