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Dream rooms for your home.

Increase your personal well-being in your own four walls and fulfil the living dreams you have had for such a long time. With expert advice and creative inspiration from Lucian Thum, you can create an individual ambience according to your wishes. Enjoy colours, shapes and spaces in perfect harmony.

Look forward to being able to say with full conviction: "At home it’s simply the best."

Personal advice from the specialists.

As a private client, you are on the safe side with Lucian Thum in all phases of your project. Our friendly, competent experts advise you comprehensively, ensure professional planning and provide creative ideas.

Our specialists will fulfil your wishes and implement your ideas according to all the rules of craftsmanship. If a number of different trades are employed, the project management under Lucian Thum coordinates all the work and inspects and approves it after completion. Because everything is perfectly organised and runs hand in hand, you can rely on completion on time and on the work being carried out with the highest level of craftsmanship.

The support: individual, personal, competent.

Experienced, permanently employed specialists and long-time partner companies work for Lucian Thum. From us, you receive outstanding craftsmanship, which increases the value of your property over the long term. We use high-grade materials and sustainable building products that guarantee a healthy living climate.

Craftsmanship services provided by our permanently employed staff:


The right colour, the right mood

Take the advice of Lucian Thum's expertise in matters of colour and effect: Together with us you will find the perfect paint for your rooms – regardless of whether it is a two-room flat, a loft or an open-plan office.


On the surface, but with depth

Looked at rationally, a wallpaper is only the top layer of a wall. You see things differently? Good – we wallpaper your rooms according to your wishes. Anything from pragmatically rational and stylishly sophisticated to fashionably chic. Lucian Thum places no limits on exclusivity and creativity, and, together with you, also develops unique wallpapers according to your ideas – just let us know.

Marble plaster

Space for individuality

Using special painting techniques, Lucian Thum gives your rooms an individual touch. We use Italian marble plasters and special trowelling and wiping techniques as well as other methods developed within the company.

Façade renovation

Attractive – but also for a long time please

Renovation is essential for the long life of a façade – and it needs to take nothing away from its attractiveness. Lucian Thum analyses the façade of your building, recognises shortcomings and provides the respective solution, from reinforcements to paint systems. All of this in coordination with your colour taste and in harmony with the architecture of the building and its surroundings.

Heat insulation

Efficiency in all respects

A smart façade is great. A smart façade that also improves efficiency is even better. Make use of the façade insulating systems from Lucian Thum: Thanks to proven heat insulating composite systems made of organic and inorganic materials, we can reduce your heating costs by up to 30% and increase the life expectancy of the façade. Protect your budget – and the environment.


Enjoy standing on them!

So that everything is right underfoot, Lucian Thum has a wide range of floorcoverings for you to choose from: whether parquet, laminate, linoleum, PVC or carpeting – our experts advise you on the selection and also turn your wishes into reality. And, in the truest sense of the word, create the right basis for your style.

We convert your ideas into solid craftsmanship.

We know from many years of experience that creative ideas need competent advice so that they are optimally implemented. For this reason, the first item on the agenda before the first brush stroke is a thorough advisory session. After this you receive our detailed tender.

Just call us!
For a non-binding initial discussion:

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