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We build on sustainability.

The building industry offers many possibilities to reduce waste and emissions. Lucian Thum works intensively on utilising this potential through the careful use of resources, an ever improving circular economy and the efficient handling of energy. The key elements for our future-looking mode of working are digitalisation, conservation of resources and certification of our processes according to internationally recognised standards.

Raw materials from nature with long-lasting quality.
That is our promise to you.

Virtual planning for genuine savings.

Digitalisation is one of the keys to future-looking, well-planned and efficient working. And here, you not only save time and costs, but also resources and emissions.

Digitally planned and tested.

With IT-supported lean management systems, we plan building projects in advance using virtual techniques. In this way, potential problems are tracked down and solved quickly. This cuts back the amount of work and reduces material consumption.

Effective communication

Whenever possible, we work in a video conference. This saves time, costs and also lowers emissions in road traffic.

Shorten distances

Through digitally controlled building site and material logistics, we save unnecessary journeys and deploy our resources more efficiently.

More effective measuring and documentation

Modern digital measuring and documentation solutions simplify many work steps. This speeds up our projects and avoids unnecessary paperwork.

It's the material that counts.

Nowadays, in addition to the procurement of new building materials, the professional disposal of old materials is a major cost factor for any project. Thanks to their special training, our workers can provide you with valuable suggestions in these matters.

On the subject of particularly resource-saving renovation work, we advise you on the further use or re-use of the materials you have in stock.

We advise you on the selection of the building materials with regard to key aspects such as sustainability, energy consumption, health and subsequent disposal or reuse.

We identify potentially dangerous contaminated sites on the property, provide for removal of the contamination without risk to health, and take the residues for proper disposal.

Certified for a safe future.

Studies show that sustainable building creates long-term value and does not have to be more expensive – on the contrary. We are pleased to advise you which recognised environmental and sustainability standards are worthwhile for your property and how you can obtain the certification as easily and inexpensively as possible. By the way, we set a good example here: Lucian Thum is DGNB-certified.

Mitglied DGNB