Painting services – The perfect design for private and professional sectors

For eighty years, our private customers have been putting their trust in the expertise of Lucian Thum in the design of their own four walls. Most of them are convinced: once Thum, always Thum. And that for good reason. Personal support and advice, competent and friendly personnel, and the all inclusive package for coordinating multiple disciplines until the turnkey handover.

Real estate professionals attach great importance to flexibility and cost effectiveness. For many asset, property, and facility managers, Lucian Thum provides the operative, maintenance, and optimisation solutions for their projects. Lucian Thum and its personnel are there within hours. Our portfolio handles water damage, complete home renovations, and redevelopment of entire underground garages. Here too with general contracting services. This saves stress, time, and costs.

Paint work

Right colour, right ambience

Utilise the colour and effects expertise Lucian Thum offers you. Together we can find the perfect coating for your rooms, no matter whether in a two room flat, a loft, or an open plan office.


On the surface, but deep reaching

Strictly speaking, wallpaper is only the topmost layer of a wall. You see it differently? Good! We wallpaper your rooms just as you want. Practical and sober, stylish and refined, or fashionably chic – it’s your choice. There are no limits to Lucian Thum exclusivity and creativity. Also unique wallpaper patterns are possible just as you imagine them – just send us your ideas.

Marble plastering

Room for individuality

The special painting techniques applied by Lucian Thum lend your rooms that individual touch. We use Italian marble plasters, special trowelling, wiping, and roller techniques including those we have developed ourselves.

Facade renovations

Nice – but make it long lasting too

Renovation is indispensable for the long life of a facade – and its visual appeal shouldn’t suffer as a result. Lucian Thum analyses the facade of your building, identifies flaws, and supplies the fitting solution, from the reinforcements to the coating systems. And all in perfect harmony with your preferred colour scheme, the building’s architectural style, and its environment.

Heat insulation

Efficiency in all issues

A stylish facade has visual appeal. A stylish facade that improves efficiency has greater appeal. Use the facade insulation systems from Lucian Thum. Thanks to our tried and tested composite heat insulation systems of organic and inorganic materials, we can cut your heating costs by up to 30% and extend the life of your facade. Spare your budget – and the environment.

Concrete repairs

Expertise with sensitivity

Concrete components and structures must be inspected at regular intervals and, whenever necessary, repaired. This calls for a specialist.

Lucian Thum is your expert for this sensitive work. We have been awarded the so called SIVV Certificate, the licence recognised throughout Germany for the protection, repair, connection, and reinforcement of concrete components in structural maintenance. In a nutshell: we are your right choice.

Floor coverings

For your support

So that you can walk tall, Lucian Thum can provide you with a wide range of floor coverings. Whether parquet, laminate, linoleum, PVC, or carpeting – our experts advise you on the right choice and turn your wishes into reality. And, in the truest sense of the word, create the right basis for your style.

PANDOMO mineral decorative floorings

PANDOMO® – Often imitated, never equalled

Fine screeds, loft floors, and industrial floors are the talk of the town. Meant here are floors made with cementitious fillers. Thanks to its PANDOMO® products, the manufacturer Ardex is a pioneer and uncontested leader in quality. Lucian Thum is one of the PANDOMO® partners trained and authorised by ARDEX. This means for you: the best material and quality workmanship safeguard the optimal results, including the warranty. If you’re wanting cementitious surfaces, do it like Lucian Thum: no compromises.

Incidentally, PANDOMO® is also available for walls and terrazzo floors.

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